How do I wash my bags?

Toss them in the wash on cold / low dry or rinse them in the sink and leave to dry. Just make sure to pull the lining out so it gets fully clean! Our fabrics are amazing and will hold up well over time. We don’t suggest putting them in the dishwasher though - the intense heat and harsher soap will damage the fabric.

Can I use these snack bags for all foods?

We love using our snack bags for many things but there are a couple of “wetter” foods that we leave out. Things like watermelon,  sliced peaches and raspberries are either too squishy or too moist and will end up leaking out of the seams. 

What makes my wet bag waterproof? 

Our wet bags are lined with PUL (polyurethane laminate) and the seams are heat-sealed, which means that nothing is getting through!

Are my snack bags waterproof?

Our snack bags are also made with PUL but their seams are not heat sealed, so they are water resistant, just not quite waterproof.

Can I use these bags for other things? 

There are HUNDREDS of other things you can use your bags for - here are just some of our favourite ideas:

  • Storing headphones and charging cords 
  • Holding Make-up / Toiletries / Hygiene Products
  • Keep Playing cards together
  • Using as Packing cubes
  • Holding Dirty Laundry 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste for a sleepover

What can I use my washcloths for? 

EVERYTHING! They are perfect for removing make-up, washing your face, cleaning your glasses or as a soft handkerchief. They make the best reusable baby wipes too!

What happens if I leave food in them? 

It happens. They get left in a backpack or forgotten in the car. Just give them a good wash! If the PUL is stained, we like to use those bags for things like treasure hunting with the kids or for storing bandaids in the car. 

Why would I want to use a silicone straw?

Silicone straws are soft, so they are perfect for all ages. There is no danger of damaging the roof of your mouth or teeth with silicone. Not to mention the cute colours! 

Where are Colibri products made? 

Colibri products are all proudly made in Canada - our roots are in sewing and our small town in Manitoba but our staff and product designers come from all over the globe. You can find our shop tucked into a heritage building in the beautiful little town of St. Adolphe, just outside of Winnipeg. 

What do I do if I find a defect in my Colibri product? 

You call or email us! Our items are carefully inspected before packaging, but in the event that a manufacturer’s defect is missed, we will issue a full refund and cover the return shipping cost!