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Reusable Straws: What's the big deal?

Reusable drinking straws are becoming more popular as single-use plastic straws are quickly being phased out.
We are so excited to produce reusable silicone straws that are MADE IN CANADA, safe for your teeth and easy to clean! 
Measuring 10" long, they're great for using in tall glasses and tumblers. They even have a cute little Colibri logo at the bottom. You can also use them for both hot and cold drinks.
We took it a step further and created a custom, made in Canada cleaning brush with self-healing nylon brushes. You can be confident that your straw is clean by giving it a quick swish with the brush in hot, soapy water. Our straws (and cleaning brush) can also go in the dishwasher and you can sterilize in boiling water. They are slightly translucent so you can see if there is anything gunky hiding out inside.
Did we mention? Our wide snack bag is the perfect size to bring your straws with you on the go - keep a few in your purse or car!

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