Earth Day is coming up!

Earth Day is coming up!

Earth Day is coming up (our favorite day of the year!) and we have some tips and tricks to share on how we got started. The term “zero waste” suggests completely eliminating waste in your life which we know is next to impossible! Instead, we will try our best and come up with achievable goals that work for us and our family. 

Tip 1: Say no to plastic straws. Like always! Try carrying a reusable straw in your purse or bag, leave one in your car and on your desk at work. Done and done! We sell a 4 pack of silicone straws (with cleaner included!) for $12 and they fit perfectly in our wide snack bags

Tip 2: Reduce or completely eliminate ziplock bags and bring in the reusable snack bags! They are fun, easy to wash, and will make you feel less guilty packing lunches (I promise!) I used to keep them in front of the ziplock bags to encourage my family to use them. Now they are the only thing in my drawer! We have the best selection with 4 different sizes of snack bags to choose from. 

Tip 3: Say no! Say no to junk mail/flyers in your mailbox, free samples in hotels when travelling, plastic bags at the store, take out containers at restaurants (this one is very advanced!) Our wide snack bags are great for a stash of reusable cutlery when you are eating on the go! Each and every time you say no, you are making a small difference.

Tip 4: When shopping, it helps to try a minimalist approach and stop buying unnecessary things (which I am VERY guilty of doing but I’m trying really hard to stop!) I now try and ask myself - Do I really need this ? Can I find it used or borrow from a friend ? Will this last ? Is there too much packaging?

Tip 5: Go bulk! We personally love Bulk Barn but any bulk store or section will help. Bring your own containers or snack bags and fill them up! Leave with a reusable bag and you seriously couldn’t get any better. 

Hope you loved these tips and tricks. One small change could end up making a huge impact overall. Thank you for taking care of our earth and we look forward to celebrating earth day with you on Thursday April 22nd. 

Jennifer Leigh - Colibri Canada

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Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful info with the how-to’s! It is so appreciated!



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