Our Colibri Shop Update!

Our Colibri Shop Update!

Hello you guys! We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this difficult time. As you would expect, things around the Colibri shop look a little bit different these days. We are sensitive towards what is happening out there while also being careful to protect our employees around here.  

We are maintaining a safe distance between staff, working from home when we can, and sanitizing our workspace as often as we can. Our favorite hand sanitizer is from All Things Jill and we absolutely love working with Jill and her team! 

We are busier than ever these days making reusable cotton face masks and wet bags that are being used to transport scrubs, uniforms, etc. to and from work. We have so much respect and love for our front line workers and are so glad we can help during this time.

Our reusable cotton face masks have been a hit! What started out as a little donation to some local businesses has turned into a huge production over here. We were able to bring back some of our loved staff members and are so happy to be supplying masks to customers and businesses all over Canada.Our reusable face masks are 2 layers of cotton with elastic ear straps. They are non medical grade, fitted style and adult sized. They fit perfectly in our small snack bags for easy storage and are priced at $9. 

A few helpful tips when planning on purchasing a face mask - They are selling out extremely fast so we are releasing them every Tuesday and Friday at noon central time. If purchasing other items from out website, it's best to have them loaded in your cart prior to mask release time so you can check out quickly! We are making them as fast as we can and release as many as we can each week. 


Thank you for your continued support. Please know that by supporting any small or local business during this time is making such a big difference. We appreciate you! 


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