Colibri Birthday Party Fun!

Colibri Birthday Party Fun!

Planning your child's birthday party can bring out a mix of emotions! Some people find it easy and fun to dream up birthday party themes that their child will remember for years to come. Some people plan the whole party two days in advance and wing it! I feel like I am somewhere in the middle! haha. I always seem to have a vision months in advance but the week before I find myself scrambling to put everything together.

This spring, I noticed that more and more party planners were using our Colibri snack bags for goodie bags and I instantly started to plan this blog post in my head! (I wish I could be this organized for my kids birthday parties!) Colibri has so many print options that it makes it easy to coordinate with any party.

The first party I went to used our "Hockey" large snack bags to fill with hockey cards, candy (of course), and all sorts of other goodies.

The second party I went to was a princess party and they used our "Fairy Tale" large snack bags to fill with cotton candy and pink popcorn.

I heard amazing feedback from both parties! Parents loved that they could use the snack bags for years to come and that it wasn't another goodie bag full of plastic toys that end up broken or thrown in the garbage. The kids loved the print designs and of course, the snacks inside! I thought they looked so nice displayed on the table with the birthday cupcakes & gifts!

We know how hard it is to think of great goodie bag options and we are here to help! Send us a message with your party theme and we can suggest the perfect print for you. Happy party planning and enjoy your summer!

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