Back to school with Colibri!

Back to school with Colibri!

It's that time of year again...parents all over the world are scrambling to complete their back to school to-do lists and we are all feeling the pressure!

In past years you may have used ziploc bags (and lots of them!) to pack lunches as fast as possible but this year you are ready to try something different. There must be a better way!

We are here to help! Here is a guide of frequently asked questions and helpful tips on some of our most popular school lunch products! Once you start using our bags, you won't want to stop!  Not only are they adorable and fun, but they are a great way to help you and your family reduce single use plastics.



How do I wash my bags? One of the most common questions we get! It is way easier than you think to keep your Colibri bags clean. You can toss them in the washing machine and drier OR you can hand wash them in the sink and put aside to dry. We do a little bit of both in our house ! I normally throw the sandwich bags in the washing machine because I have a pretty decent stash at home. I hand wash the smaller bags that held fruit, veggies, crackers, cheese, etc. so they are ready to use the next morning! 



What makes these straws awesome? Did you know that our reusable silicone straws are made in Canada?  In fact, we are the only Canadian company that manufactures silicone straws. They are bendy, safe on little teeth and store nicely in our wide snack bags!

What sizes do I need for my family? There are so many uses for each size but this is what we do in my world. 

Wide bags...we use these for veggie sticks, gold fish crackers, gummies, raisins, etc. Wide bags are also perfect to store reusable eating utensils, pens & pencils and our reusable silicone straws!

Small bags...we use these for fruit, veggies, cheese/crackers, etc. Our small bags hold 1 cup!

Large bags...we use these for the main course! Sandwiches, bagels, pizza, etc. Our large bags hold 3 cups!

What are wet bags used for?   Wet bags are perfect for gym clothes/shoes & accessories, camping, cloth diapers, laundry and more!

Are my bags safe for my family?  We take great pride in ensuring our products are safe for you and your children. Our bags are tested by an independent lab to ensure they meet both Health Canada and FDA food safety standards. Our zippers are lead and nickel free and tested to meet CPSIA non choking hazard standards. You can buy with confidence knowing your bags are safe.

We hope this info helps with your back to school hustle! We often recommend purchasing at least 2 snack bag sets to get started if you have never used our bags before. 

A huge thank you to Fluf Bags & Herschel for donating some seriously gorgeous lunch bags! My daughter fell in love with the blue hearts bag from Fluf and my son preferred the "big boy" look of the navy lunch bag from Herschel!

Happy back to school everyone! We can't wait to brighten up your lunch box and help you reduce single use plastics!


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