Everyone Starts Somewhere, Low Waste Tips!

Everyone Starts Somewhere, Low Waste Tips!

Take a look at these fantastic low waste tips from the Ardent Earth Store
It's not always easy to go zero waste and these tips are great starters!

Quick low waste tips - packed lunch

Tips For A Zero-Waste, Low-Waste, or Plastic-Free Lifestyle

Have you fallen out of the habit of packing your school or work lunch? Do you currently pack your lunch and want some quick low waste tips and easy sustainable swaps? Has your kid's school requested "litter-less lunches"? Read on for our low waste solutions.

Re-think "brown bagging it"

Skip the classic brown bag (aka: disposable paper bag) and choose a reusable lunch bag that you love. Durable and stylish, our rice sack lunch bag is made from upcycled materials, reducing waste even further.

reusable lunch bag

Upcycled Rice Sack Lunch Bag

Phase out plastic baggies

Do you currently rely on plastic ziplock baggies to pack your sandwiches and snacks? The average United States family uses 500 Ziploc bags each year! These can be easily replaced with a few of our reusable zippered snack bags. Get a set for each family member who packs a lunch and eliminate the need for single use baggies. 

reusable sandwich bag

Reusable Snack Bag - large

reusable snack bag

Reusable Snack Bag - small

Un-cling from cling film

Maybe plastic wrap is your go-to for packing lunches and you're looking for a more eco-friendly alternative. Maybe you've seen beeswax wraps but would prefer something vegan. Try our vegan wax food wraps! Made from organic cotton, infused with plant waxes and tree resin. They're just as flexible and useful as their plastic counterpart but have no negative impact on the planet. 

vegan wax food wraps

Organic Vegan Food Wraps:
3 snack size, 3 variety pack, 5 variety pack, singles

"It's just one straw", said 7.8 billion people

Americans use 500 million drinking straws every day. You can always skip the straw entirely, but if you like drinking with one, reusable straws are a great Earth-friendly option.

reusable silicone straws

Reusable Silicone Straws
Reusable Bamboo Straws

What about cutlery?

Each year 40,000,000,000 plastic forks, spoons, and knives are used and thrown away.  The easiest swap is to just pack your lunch with a set of regular cutlery from your drawer. You can also get yourself a dedicated lunch set, if you like. Keep your cutlery, and the inside of your bag, clean and tidy with our wide snack bag.

Reusable cutlery bag

Straw and Cutlery Bag

BONUS: takeout tips

It happens, sometimes you just have to get takeout and that's ok! Ask your favourite takeout place if they'll let you bring your own container, you might be surprised at how many say yes! Either way, you can still use our straw and cutlery tips above to help reduce your takeout waste.

If you're in Toronto, see if there's a Suppli partner restaurant near you! Suppli is on a mission to make single-use takeout containers a thing of the past, one meal at a time, by offering a container reuse and return program. 

low waste takeout

Hopefully these tips will help you on your low waste, plastic-free lifestyle journey. Every sustainable swap counts! 

low waste packed lunch

Ardent Earth is a Canadian, zero waste, online eco store that helps conscious consumers go green with our environmentally friendly products. We offer eco-friendly alternatives that are low waste & sustainable, vegan & cruelty free, and use only safe & healthy ingredients.

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Gavin Sparks

Your low-waste tips are truly invaluable! Each small step we take towards sustainability compounds into a significant impact. I’m especially fond of the idea of packing a zero-waste lunch — such an accessible and impactful starting point. Let’s all be conscious consumers and cherish our planet! 🌍🌱

Warm regards,


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