All about school fundraisers

We work with over 120 schools, daycares and non-profit groups each year to help raise money and encourage litterless lunches!

This year we introduced online ordering and added our regular wet bags and organic cotton washcloths to the product offerings. 

We have two main priorities for this program:

1. Make it easy.  Schools send home the information and families either place their orders online or use the paper order form to send a cheque to the school.  The paper orders are submitted using our online portal and all orders are then packed, labelled and shipped to the school for distribution.

2. Offer great returns.  We work hard to make sure that the schools, daycares and non-profit groups we work with are able to meet their financial goals.  By offering a limited number of prints we're able to take advantage of bulk supply ordering and production to lower our costs.  We also have a great system for pulling and packing school orders that significantly reduces our time over pulling and packing individual web orders. 

Program Overview

Schools register for a 2 week session to collect orders (families may also order online).  At the end of the session all of the orders are packed, labelled and shipped to the school along with a statement showing the school's earnings.

Schools earn money per product sold:
Small/Wide Snack Bag - $4
Large Snack Bag - $4.50
Regular Wet Bag - $5
Organic Cotton Washcloths $2.50

Shipping is charged at a flat rate of $29 per school and there is no minimum order requirement.

As an incentive, schools that book their 2018/19 school year fundraiser by June 30 will receive a $20 credit.

Visit our Fundraising Website for more information or Click Here to register your school, daycare or non-profit group.


I just can't tell you enough how awesome this fundraiser has been for us or how easy you made it all! Thank you!!! 
- DM

We have had great feedback from the families that purchased their snack bags and we appreciate how easy you make this fundraiser. Thank you! 
- KM

We LOVED our experience with your fundraiser! You made it so easy for us to make money. The parents loved how easy it was to navigate online and they love the products!
- RS

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